Bicycle Accident Case Value


How much is my bicycle accident claim worth?


When someone?s involved in a bicycle accident case, one of the many questions crossing their mind involves the value of their claim. Part of the claim will be the value of your bicycle, of course, but aside from that, the value of your actual injury claim is something that can be a little trickier to calculate.
Many times, we need to better understand the full extent of your injuries, and that isn?t something we?re able to find out in the first day or two. You need to understand the severity of your injuries, what type of treatment you?re going to need in the future and how long it?s going to take you to reach this improvement level that you?ll be comfortable with, assuming you don?t make a full recovery. In understanding your future medical care, we will have a better understanding of what the value of your claim is.

You don?t want to be in a situation where you rush to judgment, as to what a number should be to just resolve your case, because if you resolve your case too soon, you might have shortchanged yourself. Make sure you contact a lawyer that has the experience in handling these things and can help you through this process.